Sunday Sermons

These sermons are mainly for the benefit of our church,

but please feel free to download and have a listen.

Heroes of Faith: Hebrews 11

4th November - Rach Baylis - Rahab

28th October - Ian Dallain - Moses

21st October - Glen Owen - Moses’ Parents

14th October - Richard Allen - sorry no recording

7th October - Tim Greene - Gideon - sorry no recording

30th September - Martin Fairchild - David - sorry no recording

23rd September - Ian, Tim, Glen, James - Vision

16th September - Ian Dallain - Heroes of Faith

What is your favourite Bible passage?

Here are some of ours

9th September - James Schaitel - Family

2nd September - Sue Willis - Cancer is evil; God is good

25th August - John Prosser - A Minor Prophet (+ Sam)

sorry no recordings through most of August

29th July - Martin, Maria, Jack, Sarah and Ian

22nd July - Ian Dallain - Life In All Its Fullness

15th July - Tim Greene - Favourites

22nd July - Barney Lee’s Favourite - sorry no recording

29th July - Glen Owen - Blinded By The Light - sorry no recording

We believe we have a message for our town, our friends. We believe Jesus told us to reach out to people with good news.

How? We’ll look at how Jesus did it!

8th July - Peter Atthill - Saul

1st July - On The Road

24th June - Ian Dallain - Doubting Thomas

17th June - Glen Owen - Mary Magdalen

10th June - Lysa Owen - On the Cross

3rd June - James Schaitel - With a Demon

27th May - Ian Dallain - Bleeding Woman

20th May - Prayer & Vision Sunday - no recording

13th May - Richard Allen - Come Follow Me

6th May - Ian Dallain - Through the Roof - Brunch service

29th April - Martin Fairchild - A Woman in Samaria

22nd April - John Prosser - Leper

15th April - Lysa Owen - The Tax Collector

8th April - Tim Greene - Caught in Adultery

The Gospel of Mark. We’re looking at Jesus!

1st April - James Schaitel - Easter Day

25th March - Ian Dallain - Good Friday

18th March - Rach Baylis - The Last Supper

11th March - James Schaitel - Worship

4th March - Ian Dallain - Answering Questions

25th February - Ian Dallain - Money

18th February - Tim Greene - Revelations of Christ

11th February - Barney Lee - Healing, part 2

4th February - Ian Dallain - Miracles

28th January - Glen Owen - Parables

21st January - Martin Fairchild - Healing the Sick - sorry no recording

14th January - Peter Atthill - Called and Chosen

7th January - Tim Greene - About Mark

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