Sunday Sermons

These sermons are mainly for the benefit of our church, but please feel free to download and have a listen.


The Gospel of Mark. We’re looking at Jesus!

19th March - Rach Baylis - The Last Supper

11th March - James Schaitel - Worship

4th March - Ian Dallain - Answering Questions

25th February - Ian Dallain - Money

18th February - Tim Greene - Revelations of Christ

11th February - Barney Lee - Healing, part 2

4th February - Ian Dallain - Miracles

28th January - Glen Owen - Parables

21st January - Martin Fairchild - Healing the Sick - sorry no recording

14th January - Peter Atthill - Called and Chosen

7th January - Tim Greene - About Mark

It’s Christmas!

24th December - Ian Dallain - Carol Service

17th December - Lysa Owen - Mary


Peter is a huge character in the Bible.

He wrote two letters which form part of the Bible, we’re working through the first of them.

10th December - James Schaitel - Humble yourselves

3rd December - Ian Dallain - Do Not Be Anxious

26th November - Ian Dallain - Suffering - brunch service

19th November - Rach Baylis - Love, serve - sorry, no recording

12th November - Barney Lee - We Are Family

5th November - Glen Owen - Husbands and Wives

29th October - James Schaitel - War. And sex

22nd October - Ian Dallain - Living Stones

15th October - Richard Allen - Tell Them To Move Forward

8th October - Tim Greene - Therefore

1st October - Martin Fairchild - Shmily

24th September - Ian Dallain - Solid As A Tree

17th September - James Schaitel - Hope

10th September - Lysa Owen - Peter


As always church looks different to normal through the summer. Games, videos, and a short message:

3rd September - Tim Greene - Wilderness and Stars in the Night

27th August - Ian Dallain - Counterfeit Gods

20th August - Glen Owen - Darkness is Losing - sorry no recording

13th August - James Schaitel - The Death of Yolo

6th August - Tim Greene - I Hate Religion

30th July - Ian Dallain - God’s Handiwork

A Heart For...

What is God passionate about? - as revealed through Jesus, his life and his teaching

23rd July - Martin Fairchild - A Heart For Fruitfulness

16th July - Glen Owen - A Heart For Peace and Unity - sorry no recording

9th July - Tim Greene - A Heart For Justice - sorry, terrible recording

2nd July - James Schaitel - A Heart For Healing

25th June - Ian Dallain - N.Walsham Funday

18th June - Lysa Owen - A Heart For Prayer

11th June - Ian Dallain - Baptisms

4th June - Tim Greene - A Heart For Truth

28th May - Ian Dallain - Your Money

21st May - Glen Owen - A Heart For The Lost

14th May - Tim Greene - Like Never Before

7th May - Rachael Baylis - A Heart For The Poor

30th April - Ian Dallain - Passion of Christ

23rd April - Richard Allen - God Is Good

The Bible

We take a walk through the whole story of God’s dealings with his people. From the creation of the world right through to Jesus’ arrival on earth.

16th April - James Schaitel - Easter: He Is Risen!

9th April - Tim Greene - Jesus dies

2nd April - Ian Dallain - Prepare the Way (brunch service)

26th March - James Schaitel - Jesus

19th March - Tim Greene - Exile

12th March - Martin Fairchild - Kings

5th March  - Mike Betts - E+E=C

26th February - Ian Dallain - Saul and David

19th February - James Schaitel - Judges

12th February - Ian Dallain - Taking the Land

5th February - Tim Greene - Does the Law Work?

29th January - Martin Fairchild - Law

22nd January - James Schaitel - Free the Slaves

15th January - Ian Dallain - Chosen People

8th January - Tim Greene - The Fall

1st January - Ian Dallain - Creation

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